Sunday, April 22, 2012

Love, Sweet Love.

Hey you guys! Happy Sunday! Do you guys like one man band's that do alot of acoustic stuff? Like John Mayer? hes my favorite, of course. welp, your gunna wanna hear this then! I wanted to post these on my other blog because well lets face it barely anybody comes to this one, haha! I am cool with that and all, considering I dont post often. So I figure these songs will be up for a while. I wanted to share with you guys some songs I have been loving.

This Jason Mraz song as an oldie but a goodie! This is one of his slower songs. If you know the album "we drink we dance, we steal stuff" it isn't reminiscent of that cd because I think he was trying to go rapper in that cd, lol. I love that cd too tho. I think this is my favorite "love song" from him.

Ron Pope- A drop in the ocean is one I have been obsessing about for the past few weeks. if you dont listen to the other songs, please listen to this then gush about it in the comments! This song is seriously incredible.

This song I just found like an hour ago but that doesn't mean it isnt as good as the other 2. This one is just as awesome. Have you seen the new Victoria Secret commercial? I was surprised to hear a slow song on it but was also exited because...well for obvious reasons.

did you listen to all of them? what did you think?
let me know!

Erica J


  1. I had never heard him before. This is my first visit to your blog but I will be back. I enjoyed the time I spent here. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. thank Mary! so glad you came!

  3. Other than John Mayer, the rest of these artists I've never heard of. I live in the City and since I don't drive I don't listen to the radio! I'm going to check out these artists. Thank you for visiting my blog Erica!

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