Sunday, April 8, 2012

Creating A Dream Board

If you have ever read The Secret then you will know that Dream Board's are essential. This dream board is for my bedroom! It was so much fun to pick every thing I would ever want for my bedroom, put my carpet and walls as a foundation.In this case, we have wood panels. Can't say it is my dream walls, but I am going with what I got. I actually think it looks really cool, don't you?

Bed Spread: Anthropology
Pillow 1&2: Pier One
Lights: Hanging Lights, & Both Lamps: Pier One
Rug: Pier One
Painting over Bed & Over Dresser: Bed, Bath & Beyond
Rug: Pier One
End Table: Pier One
Both Picture Frames: Pier One
White Frame turned Cork Board: Pier One

Want to make your own dream board? Download Gimp. I love it. I haven't found any viruses yet and I have had it for over a year now. 

You can make plenty other kinds of dream boards. They are intended to hang on your wall (or this case, your blog) and remind you of all of things you want from your life. You can make a healthy dream board, a career dream board, or just a general dream board of everything you want in your future. A new car? yep! a new baby or puppy? ok! Happiness? You got it! you can even make a money dream board! Oh yeah! Write a check to yourself and hang it on your wall- ta da!

What would be on your dream board?


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