Monday, September 24, 2012

Fashion Photography, Thomas Kinkade, Disney, + Old Hollywood

Lately I have become obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and it's origins. I have heard long ago that Alice in Wonderland was written for the writers, Lewis Carroll's (is his assumed name),  niece. It was written about a really bad acid trip he had and to teach her not to do drugs. End point, it's starts out good, but then it gets weird and before you know it your in a huge mess of non-sense. (this type of writing is called non-sense stories or something like that) Although the acid trip story is not proven, it is intriguing. I remember being obsessed with it's origins back in high school, which lead me to finding out that the sequel to Alice in Wonderland (original title being Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) is Through the Looking Glass which is where the Jabberwocky is originated from. I know this has nothing to do with Thomas Kinkade, but I will get to that.

While trolling the internet and trying to find proof of this acid trip story, I somehow stumbled upon really awesome depictions of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I found really cool Fashion/Lewis Caroll photography.  Fashion photography has also been another obsession of mine, forgotten until now since my junior year of high school. I used to really love the Prada ads from 2004. Just a side note.



I also came across some gorgeous pictures of Alice herself, in the actual Wonderland. This was when my eyes were glued to my Google pictures you see below this paragraph. Who made these painting's? Where can I buy one?

Well people, this person who made these paintings is named Thomas Kinkade. And he has others, too...


I have never mentioned my obsession for Disney, but I just love Disney. These pictures above say exactly why I do. I personally love that Thomas painted a story, as opposed to a picture. They are so detailed and you don't even need to see the movie, or read the book, to know what any of them are about. I take that back. You probably should watch the movie. Or read the book. Assuming that you did, can't you pick out every thing mentioned in the movie in these paintings? Plus they are gorgeous. If I can toot my own horn, (it's my blog!) I drew a picture for my grandmother, who is named Grandma, when I was in high school of Snow White + the 7 Dwarfs. I thought my drawing was a perfect picture of each character. Dead on, if you will. Now that I see these, I would love to try it all over again. I know it would never be as good as these ones, but they are so inspiring. 

I also found this painting from Thomas Kinkade. I was quite happy to find it because I also have an obsession with old Hollywood & old movies (I talked about it on my main blog!). Judy Garland is 1 of my favorites. This following painting reminds me of my other grandma, named Mumum. She (like me) loved Wizard of Oz. Mumum was the one who turned me onto old movies, including this one, when I was a little girl.

which is why I am also in love with this one. It reminds me a lot of the Meet Me in St. Louis home. Another Judy Garland film.

this one kinda does too...

 this one reminds me of Little Women. Margret O'Brien was in Little Women, and played Tootie in Meet Me in St. Louis

and this one reminds me a lot of Gone with the Wind, even though it is a painting of Elvis' home.

Fun Fact:
Allie's summer home from The Notebook is that same house from Gone With The Wind. Before the home made any appearance's on movies, it served as a plantation and housed slaves in the back. It still has slave homes in the back. Google it, if your interested. I would love to visit the plantation, but I have a feeling there is a really eerie feeling on it.

I would love to live here:

or here...


or here...

It is 2am (I must be lonely!*) and I have had my 3rd Octoberfest. Yep, this is what I do on a friday night. Don't be jealous.

Apparently, Thomas Kinkade was known as the "painter of light." That was exactly what intrigued me to them. I am in love with them. I wish I could own 1.

And maybe one day I will. You can own the Thomas Kinkade pictures online for around $1,000 a pop.

Dedicated to my grandma's, Grandma & Mumum! Thank you for inspiring me! I love you both and Mumum R.I.P.!

thank you guys for reading, and remember if you miss me too much, you can always find me on Mind Body Beauty. This is my no rhyme no reason blog.

whats your favorite old movie?
favorite Disney Movie?


*if you can guess that reference then you win a comment on this blog from me saying "congratulations {your name here}"
 **All paintings are Thomas Kinkade's work as far as I know. The internet told me so.
**all images found from Google. You can buy most of these paintings from

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