Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sprinkles & Glitter is........

yep that's right, my 2nd blog has got a new name! I changed it because I want this to be an extension of me, Erica Jackson. You may read my beauty blog, Meet Makeup, you may follow me on twitter @MeetMissJackson, you may write me an email at hell you may even know me from facebook, Erica J. So where does Sprinkles & Glitter fit in? Yeah, it may fit my love for desserts and art (among other things) but I wanted this blog to fit in with the rest of my social networks, and I also didn't want to be confused with Sprinkle of Glitter. I knew I couldnt have been me to make up such a cute name! haha-

When I first opened this blog I knew I wanted it to be about interiors, DIY, recipes and the like. This blog will still be about interior's, cooking, baking & everything else I said it was going to be about in my first post- I wanted my second blog to be more about me- A bit more personal, yah no?

So you will find everything you thought you would find and more. So I hope I dont scare everyone away with my crazy life AND I also hope I can have to courage to open up and write down all of my thoughts that im sure the rest of you have, solve my problems and inspire everyone else to solve theirs.

This isnt my main blog, Meet Makeup is my first born child and gets most of my attention (but I love them both equally!) I'm not on this blog all the time like I am the other - (can you tell?) so if you wanna really keep up with me, please head over there! But you cant have one w/out the other, so I urge you to stay here too!

Thanx for the support from everyone too! I knew that red velvet hot chocolate would be a hit! Can't take credit for the recipe but I can take credit for finding it! haha! 

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  1. Hi I loved your blog: D
    I added you on my blog, add me too!